Bernardo Bejerano Narváez (Also known as Bern Foster) is a Spanish artist who has been self-taught as an Illustrator, learning from great illustrators such as Hajime Sorayama, Boris Vallejo, Bob Peak, or Hiroshi Nagai. 

Using aesthetics as his greatest strength, his illustrations are a sample of the western dream, using the seductive allure of capitalism as a source of inspiration. His retro aesthetics from the 70s and 80s, has cautivated the new generations using various techniques with acrylic paint and also digital.

Despite being passionate about illustration, Bern started working as an Engineer in 2012, and a year later he decided to finance his art with the money he earned as Engineer, and little by little the hobby of art was devouring the role of engineer in a more professional environment. 

Most of his artwork have been done for private clients, although he has also worked for album covers, and collaborated with magazines such as CRMEN Fashion book or ASBS Magazine, as well as promotional content for various independent brands and clothing design. 

Exhibitions and publications:
– 2016 logos for “Paradise Club” events
– 2016 illustration “Dreamcatcher” for TNT.
– 2016 Album Cover “Up in the clouds” and logo for SoCal.
– 2017 Album Cover “Go For Broke”, for Bart Graft.
– 2019. Teaser poster for CRMEN fashion book Magazine, New York.
– 2019. “Summer Exhibition”, Old Truman Gallery ‘19, London
– 2019. ASBS Magazine issue 01/20
– 2020. “Rebelion Galactica” Magazine, issue 9
– 2020 Beast in Black album cover and Clothing Design.
– 2020 Fashion design for Northstar Studios.